If you are looking for a simple, durable and functional bags that is inspired by everyday life, look no further, definitely perfect for major company bulk purchases. All bags are carefully handcrafted to our top quality standards.


You cannot go wrong with our products as they are made from premium quality materials that is above average even in industry standards. All our bags are definitely durable and has been created not just for great form and function for your everyday company needs but it has also passed our internal quality assurance inspection.


BCI bags are guaranteed to be competitively priced. We make sure that not only are our products well made and created from top quality materials, but it also is affordable and priced just right so it reaches your budget. We guarantee that are prices is within your means compared to the quality and quantity you desire.


All our products are painstakingly created to be functional, straightforward, top quality and competitively priced, so what is not to love? You are sure to be swept away and be fond of all our products.

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We create custom made backpacks, a popular choice for promotional gift items by companies as they are not only customizable but are also available in different designs and sizes. With our vast selection of various backpacks such as our specially designed laptop bags, that can have your company logo printed or advertising message that will surely promote your company branding. It is definitely a worthy investment for any company.

We have a wide assortment of custom messenger bags. Your company can easily customize and personalize with your company logo or your own text, image and photos. Quality and built to last, our messenger bags are very functional and fashionable as well. Very customizable with your company logo or chosen design in large print area on the flap.

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sling bag

Our shoulder bags are made from top quality materials and is spaciously designed for your business, professional or casual needs.  Definitely created and guaranteed to be designed to enhance your urban city workflow.

A travel pack is a great alternative for traditional suitcase or luggage. It has a certain versatility that many other bags do not have. Thinking of acquiring travelling bags for your business or company? We create a very sturdy travel bag. We believe in creating travel bags based on your specifications from smart and light to heavy duty and robust.

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luggage new 7-23-16

Made from lightweight polyester, ballistic material and long with its durable trolley mechanism, heavy-duty side rollers, adequate padding and durable zippers, BCI creates very sturdy luggage which you can also custom design. This is simply perfect for your company with high-octane travelers.

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vanity kit new 7-20-16+

Our vanity kits are one of the best, whether you are looking for water resistant nylon material or durable soft polyester, we can definitely create your perfect travel mate kit you are looking for to keep your toiletries and important nick knacks organized.

If you are looking for quality wallets, card cases, money clips, passport cases and the like, whether its high quality grade leather or something synthetic, we for sure have a selection for you to choose from. All designed for rugged function and crafted with an artist’s passion.

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